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About Us

I encourage parents to come along for at least one lesson. That way three things happen: you see how we teach, you learn what the DMV is looking for, and you get a refresher course on how to teach things that you do intuitively.


WE work strictly off referrals. All of our students come to us because of other students who were pleased with the results and wanted their friends to have a great experience learning to drive.

We take our students to the drive test! The last lesson is on the day of the test; we review everything and make certain the student knows what needs to be done to pass the test.


Then we give a practice test; but with a crucial difference; if the student makes an error we correct it immediately and move on. The DMV examiners do it differently; they just write things down, and they write down good as well as bad, so the student has no idea how well she/he is doing. We remove that anxiety.


Our course goes beyond DMV requirements. We teach students not only how to drive, but how to drive defensively, be aware, and to stay safe.

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